As we know, the way we move, eat, consume, work, travel is changing, our generation is already very different from our parents’ one but imagine the next one ! It is interesting to see how people tend to come together for all kind of purposes and try to find an alternative. Examples like Airbnb, Blablacar, Couchsurfing and Lyft prove that there is a complete new need for a new sort of service. Why don't we apply this alternative to the way we eat ?



More and more people are living in the city now, and the growth of urban population is a new challenge for distributors. We are more and more aware of the food-chain and also the fate of farmers who are suffering from the pressure of those big distributors that are always trying to cut the prices.


Moreover, organic food has become years after years a real deal and has started a world-wide questioning on the quality of what we find in our plates. How vegetables are grown and how farm animals are treated are topics that can really change the general opinion and have an impact on our point of view on agriculture. People tend to prefer paying maybe more than before but to have the certainty of a qualitative product.


Nakiwi is the new app that can change all that and help people to be in a win-win situation. Farmers can extend their potential clients, sell the price they choose, and on the other side, the consumer know where his/her food comes from. Everybody is a winner, even the planet !

Because, what costs and pollutes the most to all parts is the transport of all products.

The evolution of our way of living the planet and using its resources is a big step for our generation and the one after us.


Jean herce