Team Kiwi

We are a team of 5 budding student entrepreneurs, ecologists and technophiles. We joined forces about a year ago to start a social project: 

The Nakiwi project.

Nakiwi is a social and environmental project to promote healthier and more sustainable consumption habits. Our food travels too much before arriving in our plate (precisely 5570.90 kilometers for supermarket apples). We are also fed up by the low pay awarded to our hardworking farmers and fishermen.

In order to protect ourselves and our planet, we must replace the mass production supply chain by a healthier and more local alternative. 

Nakiwi is student start-up based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Our vision is to change our perspectives on fresh & local food. No longer will fresh, high-quality food be seen as a hassle. Through the use of our mobile phone app,  fresh & local food will be easily accessible to all and at affordable prices. 

Our GOAL - Becoming a true eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the current food shopping methods

We are short-circuiting the unsustainable food chain, allowing you to access local and fresh food more easily and conveniently, through a simple and intuitive mobile phone app. We are doing this by developing a system connecting food producers directly with consumers, breaking the barriers to fresh and local food.